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Bankruptcy Pricing

Chapter 7. A typical consumer Chapter 7 costs a total of $2200. $1,800 in attorney fees, and $400 in costs, including the filing fees and a 3 bureau credit report. To get started, we only require a retainer of $900 to file your case. In a Chapter 7 case the balance owed can be paid in affordable monthly payments with no interest. Chapter 13. A Chapter bankruptcy costs a total of $3200, this includes the filing fees, a 3 bureau credit report and the attorneys fees for almost all the services required over the 3-5 years of the Chapter 13. To get started, we only require a retainer of $900 to file your case. For Chapter 13, the balance will be paid through your monthly Plan payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee. Business Chapter 7 Cases. Business cases whether individual or corporate are priced on an individual basis.

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However, we have a Low Price Guarantee and we’ll meet any other Bankruptcy Attorney’s fee, plus take-off an additional $100.

General Pricing

We charge a consultation fee of only $100 for Non-Bankruptcy and Non-Family matters. The consultation fee provides up to 1 hour with an experienced attorney who will provide information and legal advice. A consultation is helpful to answer your questions or have a contract or other legal document reviewed. If you need legal services and retain our office, then the consultation is Free.

Pricing of legal services is done on a case by case basis. Many of our services have a fixed price that will be agreed upon at the initial consultation. For litigation matters an hourly fee of $200 to $250 per hour is normally charged. A retainer is requested at the time of the initial consultation to begin representation. The amount of the Retainer varies based on the type of matter, its complexity and the immediacy of the matter.

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