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  • Making It Through An Inheritance Dispute in Arlington

    Earnest was very close to his grandmother. While he was in high school, he used to spend many of his afternoons going over to her house and share tea and some stories with her. His memories of her from his early childhood are fond, but a bit vague when compared to those many special moments he shared with her in his adolescence. She listened to him vent about the trivialities from his days in high school and offered him invaluable bits of advice as he continued his journey into adulthood. Sadly, during his sophomore year in college, his weekly phone

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  • An Often Overlooked Bucket List Item: Will Preparation in Arlington

    What does your bucket list look like? Do you plan on squirrel suit diving across the face of the Pyrenees? How about a triple backflip base jump off of Niagara Falls? How about an in-line skate journey from coast to coast in America? No matter how ambitious the schedule may be and what excitement you plan on deriving from the big plans on your bucket list, many people often make the mistake of overlooking a crucial task that should be at the top of the list: Preparing your will. Don’t be one of those people!

    Let’s face it. Accidents sometimes

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