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  • A Top Bankruptcy Law Firm in Texas Can Make a Difference When You’re in Financial Trouble

    Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our plans fall apart and we can wind up in financial distress. With people working harder than ever to make ends meet, any unexpected event, like a job loss or illness, can throw a wrench into a budget. But life doesn’t stop for us, and we still need a place to live, a means of transportation, and food to eat. If you’re overwhelmed with debt, afraid of losing your home, or concerned about your failing business, talking with a professional from a top bankruptcy law firm in Texas can make a difference. The Hixson Law Firm

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  • How to Stop Wage Garnishment

    Wage garnishment occurs when a court orders a defendant to pay a specific amount from their income to satisfy their debts. There are many different types of wage garnishment, but all result from Chapter 13 bankruptcy, where someone is put on a specific payment plan until the debt is satisfied according to its terms. Hixson Law Firm has years of experience helping individuals like you file for bankruptcy and stopping wage garnishment in the state of Texas.

    Types of Wage Garnishments

    Some of the most common types of wage garnishment include unpaid court fees, taxes, child support, or defaulted student

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