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  • A Loan Modification Lawyer in Texas Can Help You Save Your Home

    Your home is something you’ve worked hard for and the sanctuary you count on being there for you. But during these tough economic times, it’s not hard to fall behind on house payments. Before you know it, you may get a letter in the mail telling you that the bank’s coming for your home. If you’re in financial trouble and are having difficulty making your house payments, you may want to learn more about a loan modification. The Hixson Law Firm of Arlington, Texas is a faith-based law firm with over two decades of experience working with clients in various kinds of financial

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    • hixson_admin Feb 24 2020
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  • File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Texas

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a common bankruptcy type that allows those who file to keep all of the property they own. Liquidation of assets doesn’t occur in Chapter 13 bankruptcy like it does in Chapter 7. At the Hixson Law Firm, our team of bankruptcy attorneys can help you navigate the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing process. We have years of experience and can provide you expert advice and the legal representation that you need.

    How to File

    Before deciding to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it’s important to remember that while Chapter 7 is short, Chapter 13 can be a

    • Bankruptcy & Debt Relief
    • hixson_admin Feb 3 2020
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