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  • The Incredible Resourcefulness of Obtaining Power of Attorney in Arlington

    Life can be hard sometimes and tough to understand. Sometimes, when things seem to be going just right or when even they feel like they can’t get any worse, life has a way of throwing extremely unexpected and unfortunate circumstances into our laps. In one such circumstance, a loving, happy husband was on his way home to his wife and three children. A careless driver went through a red light and ended up crashing into the man’s car. He wound up in the hospital in a coma. What happened during this tragic experience is a vital lesson in how defining

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  • When You Need a Probate Attorney in Arlington

    There comes a time in life when we must all face our demise. It is an unfortunate, yet certain aspect of our reality. Many times before you reach the end of your life cycle, you will have to cope with the untimely and sad loss of many people you know, including family. Many times, when a family loses one of its members, the family seeks the counsel of a probate attorney.

    A probate attorney helps the executors or administrators of estates with the probate process. This means that they help the people who were either designated by the deceased, the

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  • Sometimes It’s Easier With a Small Estate Affidavit in Arlington

    Bill’s father, Dale, was a simple man. He did not chase the world’s riches, nor did he frivolously spend and leave his descendants with an enormous debt in his wake. He rented out a humble apartment, lived well within his means, and managed to save up a bit, leaving behind a savings account with a balance of about $27,000. There wasn’t much he left behind other than fond memories and a sense of how to navigate the world with a positive outlook.

    Several months had passed by, and the notices continued to come in from his father’s rent payments. Bill

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  • An Often Overlooked Bucket List Item: Will Preparation in Arlington

    What does your bucket list look like? Do you plan on squirrel suit diving across the face of the Pyrenees? How about a triple backflip base jump off of Niagara Falls? How about an in-line skate journey from coast to coast in America? No matter how ambitious the schedule may be and what excitement you plan on deriving from the big plans on your bucket list, many people often make the mistake of overlooking a crucial task that should be at the top of the list: Preparing your will. Don’t be one of those people!

    Let’s face it. Accidents sometimes

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